FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Anastasia Beverly hills Liquid Lipsticks + Swatch

Hi!, this is my first post and hopefully i’ve done it the right way. I’m new to blogging and I will learn along the way.I’m not great at descriptions but I will try my best.I just got time to post since i had my mid terms and was busy and just got around to it now.

I got these 2 beautiful products from Anastasia, and i’ve never owned any expensive makeup since I usually can’t afford them. I got these 2 for my birthday and I haven’t worn them on my lips, thats why this will just be a first glance impression. I was appalled when I  saw these colours since they’re extremely beautiful

edited lipsticks.jpg

On the website, they cost about $20/ £13 each . Unfortunately, my parents got me these for around $30 or PKR 3000 each which become expensive here.they have a wide range of colours and If you are interested in them, the  link is

edited (2)


The packaging itself is very sleek and elegant.the cap is silver while just underneath there is a gorgeous rose gold wrapping which I love.While holding it, it feels sturdy and a little heavy, which is good because it gives it a more expensive feel. At the bottom there is the name of the shade of lipstick on a black sticker, which is always handy for reference and on the tube itself is the brand’s name and the logo which looks stunning


edited (3).jpg

the applicator is not a complete rounded tip, but it’s angled giving you a easier and more controlled application.


edited (4).jpg

the lipsticks dry matte, and look pretty pigmented. the colour ‘pure hollywood’ is a nude colour, while the ‘electric coral’ is a cherry red colour  with a little bit of pink undertone (correct me if i’m wrong, i’m not good at this).

Although I did not put this on my lips, my mother tried it on hers and unfortunately, I did not get a picture but she absolutely loved it. It came on perfectly pigmented on a first swipe and dried quickly.She did not leave it on though, so I apologise that I cannot state if the lasting power is good.However, I thought it was worth noting that after the swatch, I tried washing it off and it was pretty stubborn. It came off after a lot of scrubbing so i’m hoping it stays on the lips.

the consistency of the formula is not too thin or thick, but it is equally balanced and I do personally think that it is a great consistency.


thank you for your patience and I hope you liked it. I hope you have a wonderful day and if you have any suggestions for me, i’m more than happy to listen to them. 🙂